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Simabrew believes that the most alluring design comes from self-awareness.

Our love for couture stemmed from  experiences while young and the passion to create.

Sima Brew takes luxury to the climax and designs for women that are both dreamlike and elegant, leading to the eminence of Sima Brew changing the bridal landscape. With a stylistic approach defined by opulent detailing and meticulous understanding of the female form, each gown is handmade and combined with delicate fabric art using couture techniques to create beautiful, unique, and quality style designs. Only the finest materials are used in our designs, such as  crystals,  hand crafted embroidered lace, silk tulle and exquisite silks sourced from all over the world. All carefully selected to create the most elegant and luxurious creations. Our designs embody an appreciation for curvy design lines and the ornate detailing of  Worldwide fabrications, resulting in the climax of a worldwide client base.



Your engagement and the process of beginning to plan your wedding may feel surreal, but brides often find that finding their perfect wedding dress is the moment when reality sets in. However, finding ideal custom-made couture dresses isn’t always as simple as reality television would have you believe. So, what’s a bride to do if she can’t find a look off-the-rack? At Simabrew, we fill in the blanks regarding how to make your perfect custom wedding dress come true.

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