The Brand

Simabrew is a brand born from the ideologies of creating empowerment to both women and men by adorning an individual in high fashion, bold and unique design.


The Sima Brew brand has become synonymous with femininity, romance and the essence of a classic soul with a modern twist. Keeping her customers in mind, many of her gowns feature customizable beading, detachable necklines, and special corset technology for the perfect fit.

At Sima Brew, everything we do in our business is focused on creating a better experience for our Clients. To ensure that not only do you feel complete satisfaction with your dresses and our services but that you feel we are there for you every step of the way. We want our Clients to know they aren’t just a “sale” but that they have become a part of the Sima Brew family.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”



The Mission


Our mission is clear as we are empowered to change the way  fashion is handled in and around the world.
We believe in meeting the lifestyle needs of our diverse clients base and going the extra mile to offer quality, value, and accessibility to our consumers in an effort to address evolving lifestyle needs.
As our guarantee, we can assure you that each customer purchase is altered correctly, pressed to perfection and all accessories are in place and ready to wear.


The Vision


The brand’s vision is to respect the planet and people via the promotion of a new lifestyle where the latest fashion trends and sustainability can coexist whilst always seeking continuous product innovation within a context of maximum transparency

Our Pricing depend widely on fabric selection,embroidery,complexity of design and details.


Our wedding gowns range from $1,200.00 upwards.
This depends on the choice of fabric, embroidery, design and details.

Our reception dress/gowns range from $850.00 upwards.
This depends on the choice of fabric,design and details.

Kente(No Bead work) range from $300.00 upwards.

Kente (Bead work) range from $400.00 and above.
This depends on design and details.

Kaba and Slit range from $300.00 upwards.

Bridesmaid dresses range from $350.00 upwards.
This depends on the choice of fabric, design and details.

Have a custom gown design you’d like us to know about ?

The Inspiration

Style | Passion | Perfection

Simabrew is a Multiple Award Ghanaian fashion designer,owner of a Fashion label Sima Brew and Director for Simabrew Fashion Business Faculty(A Fashion Institute). 
She’s a creative, enterprising and versatile individual who combines imaginative and artistic abilities with an organised and business like approach.
She’s described as meticulous and conscientious to ensure she maintains a high standard of work at all times.
Her brand is often associated with far off, worldly inspirations. ‘Sima’ stands for every lady who knows how to dress and looks elegant in her outfit. She Want to bring the many facets of a personality to the surface by creating both mystery and exposure.
She’s inspired by explosion of color, velocity, dimension and traditional oriental embroidery which she combines with her own signature.
She loves nature and the organic shapes of flowers, leaves, and trees, and often uses these types of shapes in her work.

A desire for a new kind of Elegant wear – modern, clean, cool – lies at the heart of Sima

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